Antresola, a meeting place with love for Polish cuisine.

Goose broth with homemade noodles. If pork chop, only on a bone and fried on real lard. Bread, traditional, sourdough or white, wheat, but enriched with grains, as we love the most. Every day baked on site, fragrant and fresh. Goose, we love it. We buy it at the local market and prepare aromatic broth and pate from it.

We can talk about food for hours.

Antresola is a food story. About steamed cheesecake, meringue with salty caramel and jelly on red wine. This is a story about a breakfast table for which we serve rusks with apples. Table full of plum jam, eggs and fresh bread. This is the story of a duck in a cherry sauce accompanied by a glass of dogwood nalewka. Antresola is a collection of Polish stories about delicious food, about flavors of our childhood. Polish mansions, villages and houses from Kujawy to Podhale. Make yourself at our table.

Make yourself at home!

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